Thinking of You
[Intro/Chorus 2X: Jazze Pha]
Whoahhh I, been (I been) thinkin of you
Wishin, that you could come back to me

[Unk - talking over Jazze Phizzle]
Ay, this one goes out to anybody who ever lost someone in they family
This one goes out to everybody in the pen on lockdown
We just lettin y'all know we thinkin about y'all man
We missin y'all everyday
So this song right here is to let e'rybody know
We been missin y'all, we keepin y'all in our hearts man, f'real
Everyday, come back

Since you been gone it's been some rainy dayz
And I'ma spit it from the heart while I'm blowin haze
With my Versace shades, tryin to hold the tears too
Uncle Walt man the whole family missin you
See cain't nobody hold it down like you do
I'm gettin money, DJ Unk, your little nephew
And Grandma Bell, how the hell you ain't see me fly
It was your guidance that helped your baby get by
I take one day at a time and watch my every self
Uncle, brother, cousin Jerry and the hearts we kept
Nobody knows when we gonna take our last breaths
Hug your mother, hug your father, n***a hug yourself
We kept it real in the field, what's up Dolla Bill
I had a dream we was smokin kush up on the hill, with B.I.G
You did it big for a country kid
Long as I say you in my rhyme my peoples still lives
And that's for real

I'm wishin everythang was all good
I tell my grateful memory for my folks who left the hood
Whether the pen or bein six feet underneath
Put your lighters in the air if you feelin me
And everythang'll be alright if you hold on
Damn pop, if you coulda just held on
I stay strong, hold my own on my two feet
Positivity, that's what surrounds me
And damn Biggie you done repped Brooklyn like n***a
I never seened you like never saw Momma Tigger
She mighta been Dane's girl but she was ours too
Aaliyah yeah "One in a Million" and we missin you
On 1's and 2's I been a fool, I put my pranks away
Ain't been the same since they killed Jam Master Jay
Big Pun, Big L, yeah Freaky Tah
Camoflauge, Soulja Slim, my girl Left Eye, I wonder why

[Jazze Pha]
Sometimes I find it hard to make it through the night
Missin my homie cause we was so tight
Glad that I can say he was a part of my life
Now everything gon' be alright
Alright (alright) alright (alright) alright (alright) alright (alright)
Alright (alright) alright (alright), everything gon' be alright

[Jazze Pha]
Come on back now, well well well
I been thinkin 'bout you-oooooooooh-oooooooooh-oooooh-oooooooooooh~!