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Bell Biv DeVoe

"Above The Rim"

Mikes Rap ( Co Written By Mark Wilson AKA Markpain)

I got my balls my nets my flipside sweats ( break down breakdown) the defense gets
The BIV going swish up the passway
Hoops and flips money grips up the fastway
Trick tricky brothers can't stick me
Defeat you on a blowout if you try to get with me I tips with the cenotes the visitor got troops
And Reps with the Honeys after games I knock boots
So keep your eyes glued to the kid with the Spalding
Airs laced yes the backboard is calling
Smooth moves you lose so who's next
No laying up so pay up your man lost his bets Bell Biv DeVoe coming strong in your projects straight from OP the 40 the hootie
I Palms the ball like the booty ( her hips hooray) So peace in nine-trey to Tim Hardaway

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