"Ol’ Dirty bast*rd"

I won't f**k you, you can't even sing
Yeah, sing you of b*t*hes (Ahh)
Baby I like it raw (East side sh*t)
Baby I like it raw

Baby I like it raw (East side)
Baby I like it raw (East side)

[Verse 1]
Ayy, think about the game and what it could be
If all these n***as pay producers how they pay for pu**y
Serious what you took me, a quick as how you lookin'
All these rappers cookie cutters
Rockin' crop tops, coochie cutters
Long way from drop tops and coogie sweaters
I'm in between two different eras though
You and you and you and you and you are all identical
f**k the clone I can't even tell who the original
Mandela effect, I cannot remember you
As far as conscious rappers go I do what they pretend to do
So what have you assumed? How a pop n***a got the biggest nuts in the room
How you, how you conscious runnin' for Congress
Ain't this the system that put your people in bondage?
Ain't this the system that sprinkled diseases on the original people?
Gave us a book and a steeple, got n***as hooked on the needle
And drug money, casino money
We don't ever see no money
Unless of course you got a degree or somethin'
From the school that the elite funded
Okay, you need a degree to make digits
You work your whole life to pay back tuition
By the time you retire, all of your four children have drained all your pension
Now they need tuition
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