If you are not one of us
This is not for you

Internal Meeting
If you are not one of us
This is not for you

I understand
We’re living in trying times
Everyone’s trying to survive
Should it be peace
Or trying to fight fire with fire?
Everyone’s trying to decide
Who’s is enlightened?
Who got ideas for the fight?
And who can provide it
Usually black women
That’s entirely tired of trying
So put your pride aside
I know you’re tired of all that explaining
Teaching the people
Who never treated you like one and the same
Working for everybody else’s gain
Screaming power to people
While you were fighting with the power
And fighting your people
Trying to enlighten your people
Getting showered in the shade
How can our politics change?
How can we not be enraged?
That little girl in BK
Jumped by a muhf**kin gang
Of n***as laughing like it was a mu’f**kin game

Not protecting your sister
Is like digging your grave
We forget it’s a similar figure
In which we were made

We all say that God works in mysterious ways
Blessing gon come with some rain
Lessons gon come with some pain
Sometime rebuilding starts with setting a building in flames
Sometimes rebuilding means correcting our ignorance ingrained
Sometimes it’s difficult to say if people really want that change
Or an invitation to their game
But we can’t be the same
I don’t know how it’s gonna look when it’s all over
But I know repeating **** people mistakes
Really can’t be the way
I stand with my n***as
With my sisters
Everyone else on the spectrum
Its about spreading the message
Its about spreading the wealth
Not picking and choosing who gets it
Putting my foot in your shoes
Then step on the necks of oppressors
But here’s the thing
That could be my oppressors
Could be your oppressors
Really that’s irrelevant
We in this together
Even if I’ve e been benefitting
There ain't no exception
Really that’s irrelevant
We in this together
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