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Gorilla Zoe

"Coffee Shop (Dirty Version)"

Welcome to Starblocks
It's Young Dirty
Who's this?
It's Young Dirty!
Oh okay, what you need?
Ay, I need some of dem thangs man
How many of 'em?
Two of 'em, give me two
I got you, pull on around to the window pimp
Aight shawty
Ay ay ay Joc! {Whattup Pak Man}
Cu-cuz out there say he need two of dem thangs
{Oh yea he want TWO of 'em?}
Yeah {Aight}
Ay Joc {Whattup?} You know the motto! {Yo}
Hustle by any means, n*gga~!
HAAAAAH! (Don Vito)

First I take they order like the coffee shop (HEY)
Then I steam it up and cook it like the coffee shop (HEY)
And then I sevre it out the window like the coffee shop (HEY)
(Got the work comin in, got my rims sittin real big)
And it ain't no returns at the coffee shop (HEY)
Man I make that paper stack up at my coffee shop (HEY)
One hit and they'll be back to the coffee shop (HEY)
(Got the work comin in, got my rims sittin real big)

[Yung Joc]
Hey hey, ayyy, okay
It's just another day at the coffee shop
I grab them coffee beans, time to heat them coffee pots
Turn the lights on, J's rush the parking lot
This the neighborhood's number one stop 'n shop
No regular, we only serve the best
Fo' the low-low, cheaper than the rest~!

I'm takin orders, tell me who's nextOnly cash, no credit, no checks
When your car stop, welcome to Starblocks
You wanna triple your knot? Invest in our stock
And now we doin numbers, just like the close-out
Make sure to shop with me, before it's sold out


[Gorilla Zoe]
We cook it in the mornin, sell it during the midday
Whip the cream, same color as ya latte
I tell em vamanos, that's rapido
You need some mo' {?}, you go call Gorilla Zoe
You can get the co-ca, if you got to get it green
Columbian, and I ain't talkin coffee bean
12 to 12, there's always someone on the scene
Starblocks, we get it out by any means
Coffee shop, the drop spot, hand the ham, get my gwap
Pocket stale, ounce for ounce, decaffinated off the top
Rockstar, rollin rocks, piano keys work the block
Welcome to Starblocks, we chop like the coffee shop, let's go


[Yung Joc]
Ha, ah-ha, okay
Everybody on the block know my nickname
When you drop by, just ask for whip game

And all my money get counted when the shifts change
Then get 211 left by fo'-fifth manye
If you need the number 1-800-Starblocks
Coca latte, damned to make yo' heart stop
And now the haters hot, so they run and tell the cops
So they shut this down, we'll set up shop on another block


[Outro: Yung Joc]
Ay Pat (pimp whattup)
In the South where they can find this at
(You ought know - coffee shop)
When we on the West coast where they gon' find us at
(At the - coffee shop)
What about up top shorty, where they gon' find us at
(At the - coffee shop)
Ay kids, please don't do drugs
Just bring 'em to me, and I'll get rid of 'em at the - (coffee shop)
(HA-HAH, Joc you stupid!)

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