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"Machine Bitez #10"

Well, you know, gospel, Pac-Man's the same way, you roll ’round the hood and you eat up all the ghosts.

Oh, right.

From the past.

Is that what he was doing, really, essentially?

That's right, yeah.

[Tape Scratches]

[Russel, Murdoc & 2-D]
He teleported me a note. (Yeah) That said to you, that said, uh, "Know thy self," (Yeah) "and be they self," (Yeah) "by yourself," (On your own? That's so very—) "on shelf."

[Murdoc, 2-D & Russel]
Wow (Wow, that’s it, that's it), that man is, he's profound.

[Tape Scratches]

[2-D & Russel]
You notice he never ate his Cornish pasty? He never even had a bite out of it. (Yeah) What does that tell you?
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