Curtis Mayfield

"Short Eyes / Freak, Freak, Free, Free, Free"

[Part I: Short Eyes]

[Verse 1]
Stranger man took my only daughter
'Round the candy shop, soda pop
All for just a quarter
Rememberin' the loving way she wore her hair
Her sunrise eyes, her petite size
Just want to warn you children some
Short Eyes is pusher number one
Girls, when you shake your shaggy, shaggy, beware!
Dudes when you hang out in the alley, beware!

Dirty, dirty, dirty Short Eyes
Any kind of people so disguised
Brother man will see them penalized

[Verse 2]
Sad, sick ain't no way for bail
Kinda feel like sending him to hell
Handsome man becomes an ugly freak
(Freak, freak, free, free, free)
Out just long enough for nasty treats
Living corpse wedged up in the tombs
Has to face the judgment in the room, beware
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