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Damien Rice

"Forgotten deers"

She opens her eyes
And it is cold
She tries to cry
But she feels too old

And I have been over this before
Now walk between your hands
To the loneliest embrace
In the place where I can never come

And I push it aside just for
For the make of space within it
Place the bedding for a fools
So they can spit in it
And chase it on a mountain top
Where the deers go to be forgotten
I placed all that I'd become
Into the place where it goes rotten

Oh tear and chase it darlin
Tear and chase it, throw it over me
And I'm coming home with me
Home with

Push it down
Just like a match burning out
Watch the world turn black
And I can hold you
In my sin
And I can-sole (console?) you
Or help this hold

Makes it easier

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