Jamey Johnson

"Run Baby Run"

[Verse 1]
It's just an old boomtown
There ain't nothin' to do now
Except drive out on the back roads
And drink Friday nights
We keep talking 'bout leaving
Well, baby I've got a feeling
It's gotta be now or never
We gotta run for our lives

Run like your lungs are on fire
And the road is the air
Run into the night like you're gonna die
If you stick around here one more day
One life's all we got
So baby, let's take a shot
And pull the trigger on this loaded gun
Run baby, run baby, run

[Verse 2]
You watched your daddy
Get old in that factory
He died busted at fifty
That ain't good enough
Just look at my mama
Hooked on pain pills and vodka
We're gonna look in the mirror
And that's gonna be us
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