Yung Mal


Woah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mhm,  yeah, yeah, yeah
Diamonds,  they jump out the gym
n***as went broke, I don't wanna be 'em
She suck this d**k, big lips, Lil' Kim
Old  school parked outside, big rims
Triple  S Balenciaga, n***a, not timbs
These haters gon' hate, boy, I swear I don't see 'em
I'm  geeked on them Percocet pills
Put them racks to my ear, boy, I swear I can't hear 'em
New Benz pass by like yoom
Get so high, think I'm close to the moon
I  keep going up, balloon
I been through the war, you can see all these wounds

[Verse 1]
The stick shoot a hundred, it sweep like a broom
I done blew up, boom
b*t*h, I got crack and it's droppin' soon
So many hundreds, they fill up the room
Huh, talk to my brother in feds, he staying in tune
He say he proud I got rich off these tunes
'Cause back in the day we was breakin' the rules
I know these n***as gon' hate so I stay with that tool
They prayin' I fall off, fool
They know I'm goin' all out 'bout the gang, the crew
All these hundreds on me, watch this sh*t get thumbed through
When that money get low, where you run to?
I go to work when I want to
Diamonds they hit, yeah, one-two
I got one one, two, three, four chains in this b*t*h goin' crazy
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