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"Eyes Closed"

Lyrics from snippet

[?] change
And you could be the one to change me
I just never came clean
You wanted love but I just didn't want the same thing (Oh)
Eventually, I built you up, I built you tough
And then you treat me like I'm nothing
But I should've known that you would f*ck it up, you always do (Oh)
You told me that you loved me, so (Oh, yeah)
And that you'd never let me go

But I can see through the bullsh*t with my eyes closed
And I got better sh*t I could do
I light one up and then I drive slow
It helps me to forget about you
Gave you my all but that's alright
Go, I gotta leave this hopeless town
Another day, a different light post
Right in my way, and I ain't slowin' down

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