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"Money to the Light (Remix)"


Aye you already know what it is
We over here at HHIL Studios in Worcester
Massachusetts, let's get it...

Put the money to the light // Make me feel all right
Doors suicide // Floor new inside
Rotten to the core // Call it fresh to the death
Money over whores // Ain't that sh*t correct?
I'm a mess, I'm a wreck // I'm a broken lil' bast*rd
Counting in the dark // But I own all my masters
Full Blown disaster // Shootin' up the classroom
Hiding in the bathroom // Ain't that sh*t funny?
Money, money, money // Gutter get the sweep
If you ever cross the line // You get wet up like a 3
Put your head up on a tee // Where they're scared to mention me
Pop a pill and go to sleep // Dude I feel like Lil' Peep

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