Jerrod Niemann
You’ll Always Be Beautiful
[Verse 1]
You always get dolled up for your party
Good thing your birthday only comes once a year
Cause you always forget that you're so small
You can't take all that alcohol
And you wind up over my shoulder and into the car

But you'll always be beautiful
You'll always be beautiful
To me

[Verse 2]
I don't care if your hair's a mess from the night before
Your headaches and youre fussing and cussing the sun
The makeup you had on your face
Is now all over your pillow case
And you're curled up under the covers into a ball


[Verse 3]
So baby don't you ever doubt
When father time starts drawing out
Those lines around your eyes
Cause you'll always be
You'll always be
You'll always be beautiful
To me