#RockStar (Rocking with #TheRock & #DjKoolHerc) lyrics

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dj Kool Herc

Smell what the Chef is cooking
I'm a rock star baby
If you smell what the Chef is cooking
Make the world go crazy 

Egos colliding, zero cosigning
Eco conspiring
Info comes piling, informed writing
In for compiling, in form ridding
Gold rock primarily transformed in refinery 

The motto to rising from traumatizing notoriety
More to rallies than noted rioting
Poor deers dying from diarrhea or ideas of wrong diatry
Talked privately with God in my diary
Involved the mighty and evolved rightly
I walk besides Him as my world grows nightly 

Pleading for the guilty me to the spirit in trinity
Preaching liberty until we living equally
Building equity
BEE or keys to the in industry
So oversaturated completely as the honors fields
Still competed with no sponsorships
Over committed scholar fees
Marxists offer logic for this joblessness
Economist or communist, polar opposites 
Diagnosis by ill-informed doctorates 

Rand on for a tension
Rant on for attention

Tantrums or turn drums

Ransom or rent sum
Cash up, that hand some 
Catch up, that handsome
Formal addressed just as
Suited up, true to blood
Grow fam as firmly 
Opening firms and factories
Prosperity over trajectories of hopelessness and envy

I woke up from a dream defined as a message
So far I think this is my rite of passage
Closure of deals, wise as merchants 

Fed learners, shop for groceries 
Felt learned, box of glossaries
Veld landed, cross my rosary 

Traded in favors, such betrayal from neighbors 
Traceable cases that makes the prayerful faithless
Bravely face it amid behavioral changes
Anxiously aiming for favorable statements
A smooth trip never made the greatest of sailors. 
Game relatable with Taylor's, born to rap. 
That's, bond a wrap

Mother f**ker, Chef's ill. 
A front runner; the champ still

Kool Herc

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