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The Clark Sisters

"Pray for the U.S.A. (Reprise) [Live]"

Come on everybody (come on everybody)
Let us join together (join together)
Come on everybody (pray for your brothers and sisters)
Say a prayer (come on everybody)
Come on everybody (get down on your knees)
Let us join together (I will fight)
Come on everybody (with John in heaven)
Say a prayer (hey)
Come on everybody (hallowed with be thy name)
Let us join together (thy kingdom come, thy will be done)
Come on everybody (oh)
Say a prayer

[Spoken Bridge]
Oh yes
Look at somebody say we gotta pray
Tell somebody we gotta pray
Get down on your knees
If my people which are called by my name
Would humble themselves and pray
Seek my face
Then will I hear from heaven
He'll heal the land
Come on say pray

[Spoken Verse/Outro]
Come on just look already
Tell somebody to P.U.S.H
Come on look over somewhere
Don't make your neighbor angry
Don't make your neighbor angry
But just take your hand and your neighbor next to you
And just push them a little bit and say
Push in the holy ghost
Somebody said, I got that
I got that from somebody else
I got that from another preacher
(That's alright)
I heard a preacher say
P.U.S.H. when you can't push no more
And the word P.U.S.H. means
Pray until something happens
Look over and touch two people and tell them to
Pray until something happens

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