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The Clark Sisters

"Jesus is a Love Song (Live)"

[Chorus, repeating in background]
Jesus is a love song

[Verse: Karen]
Jesus is a love song
Oh Jes-
Mm, oh Jesus
He's a love song
Listen, you can call him in, in-in, in, in-in, in, in-in the morning
And even in the midnight hour
Anybody know how to call on Jesus?
Oh, his love is never, no, no-no, no, no-no, no, no, no too busy
Anybody ever called him?
Did he answer your prayer?
Did he answer your cry?
Can I get a witness?
Thank you father
Whoa, Jesus is
It's something about God, oh
The reason why he can be a love song
Cause when your life is out of tune
God will turn things in your life around
If you gotta bad situation you know how to sing a song in a strange land
Some of y'all got some strange situations out there
But I guarantee ya, if you call on Jesus
Call on him, call on him, call on Jesus
I love to call on Jesus
Oh, oh, Jesus is a love song
Oh, Jesus is a love song

[Spoken Outro]
I'ma let 'em get a breath in
Y'all scream real loud
I'ma try to talk Twinkie into gettin on the organ
Everybody say play Twinkie play

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