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The Clark Sisters

"You Brought the Sunshine (Live)"

[Spoken Intro]
Look at somebody and tell 'em that
Jesus brought the sunshine
Come on, if you know that he brought the sunshine
Come on move a little bit
I just want some young people out there
To just come up here
We don't want y'all to go crazy
But come on give us some love
Yeah that's what I'm talking about
Come on, where our young people at?

You made my day
You came my way (we love y'all)
You heard me every time I pray
You gave me peace
You gave me grace
You put a smile upon my face

You brought the sunshine (you brought the sunshine)
In my life (threw out the lifeline)
Threw out the lifeline (you brought the sunshine)
Saved my life (threw out the lifeline)
Since then I have known Christ
There has been such a change in my life
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