Death Spells
Hypnotic Spells
In a few moments we begin self hypnoses
And naturally start to relax deeply
(I am on my way)

Learning how to go into hypnosis is a skill
And you'll be learning it each time you hear this recording
It's like a dance where my voice will lead you
And you will naturally follow
Allowing yourself to go along with the suggestions being made
If you're telling yourself this isn't working
Than that indeed is the reason that it isn't working
Convincing yourself that it is working
Is perhaps the very essence of hypnosis
So now sit comfortably in a chair with your legs uncrossed
Feet flat on the floor and your hands resting on your lap
Or on you legs, or on the arms of a chair
Or lie down and close your eyes
And begin to listen more closely to my voice
While there is no harm in falling asleep
And it indeed indicates that you did relax deeply
It's generally better to stay conscience
And absorb what is being said
In a few moments I'm going to ask you to look up above your head
And to naturally turn to the light
And this way your eyes will be turned strongly upward
And will start to feel strained and grow tired
And I'll begin to count down from five down to one
Until the eyes naturally close
So now open your eyes
And turn them upwards to gaze at a spot nearly directly above you
And imagine a point of light shining directly into your eyes
I'm going to count from five down to one
And as I do so your eyes will begin to feel tired and heavy
Like they want to close
… Simply let them close
And now
Five, four, three
Your eyes are are getting tired
Eyes are getting very tired

I've been having overwhelming bouts of sadness and self-harming
My depression’s unimpressive; It stems from stress or so they tell me
Heart’s on fire, yet uninspired, I guess I’m preaching to the choir
Pessimistic, narcissistic, introspective hate required
My obsession with contrition leaves me weak and feeling tired
My subconscious has no conscience. Stay asleep; it’s how I’m wired
Single serving, I’m self-serving a thousand milligrams of quiet
Showing signs of drug behavior. I’m so f**ked up but I’m feeling fine

(Let go)