Rick Ross


Such a cloudy day, uh
Help  me‚ Lord
Oh‚ Lord
Oh‚ Lord
Hold  ya head, n***a
Hold  ya head, n***a
Lord‚ Lord
Oh,  Lord
What's a hundred grand to a young n***a?
My dog doin' twenty as a young n***a
I'm prayin' for his son, he's a young n***a
Strapped  with my gun as a young n***a

[Verse 1]
Hundred round‚ n***a, hangin' out a Chevrolet (Huh)
Just a young n***a tryna see my f**kin' pay (Ahh)
My daddy caught a bus, never lookin' back
Got me standin' in the rain, first fifty pack (Woo)
It's never been the same, now I'm gettin' stacks
Tattooed names on a n***a back (Black)
Rest in peace, n***a, to my lil' n***as ('Nut)
Rest in peace, dyin' as a lil' n***a (P-Nut)
Buried like a soldier, he's a true n***a (P-Nut)
Throw the flag on his casket, he's a true n***a (P-Nut)
You pu**y n***as talkin' like you knew n***as

Young n***as, y'all some new n***as
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