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Rick Ross

"Hard in the Paint"

Shout out to all my real n***as who run wild
Ain't nothing changed
But the 'rarri, the Lambo, the Bentley, the Maybach, the Phantom, the Aston, the Spyker
The Seven Trey, the seven deuce, the seven one, the seven fours

[Verse 1]
I go hard in the mothaf**kin' paint, n***a
Touch eight figures, stuff it in the bank, n***a, uh
Order twenty bottles of the Rozay
f**k first week, b*t*h, I ordered Moët
To these n***as, I'm a mothaf**kin' problem
Hang with the Bloods, all the Crips, all the robbers
See Gucci, that's my mothaf**kin' n***a
Twenty racks on it, b*t*h, you f**kin' with a killer
I can't hang with no pu**y ass n***a
Thousand carats in the chain, quarter milli for it, n***a
You think I give a f**k what other n***as think?
Make another million every time a n***a blink
I'm rollin' up the purple and I'm sippIN' pink
Champagne drown a b*t*h until she gotta pee
She only get to ride unless she keep it wet
You lookin' at a gangsta in disguise, you just ain't seen it yet
Call up bee's and Beevis 'cause she butt heads
She know I'm busy, I don't need nothin' but head
And I'm payin' top dollar
Chain so big, can't pop my collar
Pop one pill, make a n***a spend a grand
Pop two pills, make a n***a wanna dance
Pop my trunk, pop me a n***a
Just last night, I had a dream I shot me a...
Pop my trunk, I'mma pop me a...
Just last night, I had a dream I shot me a n***a

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