Rick Ross

"Put On Freestyle"

Verse 1:

I went gold on them hoes and i never looked back
Close to 2 milli sold thats a whole lotta stacks
n***as shootin but they missin b*t*h im gettin bigger
My money get longer b*t*h im like a jigga
My lable deal is money n***a and im talkin 5
Bout to drop h with birdman and my shade line
I got 30 cars own 8 cribs
You wanna know my past well b*t*hes here it is
We started at the bottom had to grind to the tip it
They hate to see a n***a smilin ridin in a bentley
Or speedin in a lamb now you callin me your fam
Mad im f**kin foxy wanna see a n***a jam
But im better than i ever been
Im richer than i ever was
Biggеst n***a in the game the b*t*hеs wanna get with us
b*t*h i own a restaurant hater come and have a bite
And i grown my own kush to show you what my habit like
Welcome to my habitat rat tat tat ta tat tat tat
Boy you better handle that rat tat tat ta tat tat tat
Took the game over real n***as communicate
And im talkin more blow come and get a tuna plate
Just copped the rolls royce call that the drophead
Fifty ???? pu**y n***a still i copped that
Smokin on that california smell it back in alabama
n***a got a russian chopper wet cha like a f**kin pamper
Boy im on some other sh*t like i work for nasa
Boy im on some other sh*t something like your plasma
Boy im on some other sh*t boy im on some other sh*t
Boy im on some other sh*t boy im on some other sh*t
???? a n***a like me
They watchin how im spendin my cheese
Hoe im lovin my life
If i see your babymama i might make her my wife
I might take her to the ranch f**k her like a boss
Make that b*t*h scream ricky ricky ross
Ricky ricky ross
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