Kidd Kidd
Hotel Harlot
[Produced by L.E.S.]

[Intro: Tommy, Kane, [Noises], (Hooker)]
Aight, the man that betrayed you has been working with some big time people, but these big time people are also inexperienced people, high rollers. The plan is, we going to rob them one by one, humiliate them enough to make them lose credibility, feel me?
Yeah, I feel ya
Good, now see that ho over there, we're gonna need her. Talk to her, convince her to get in, and let's do this
(Who the fuck are you?)

[Verse 1]
Ayo, listen ho I require your services
Don't shutter from nervousness
I'm not here to shatter your cervix trick
(What the fuck you want n***a?)
Listen to me bitch, I don't wanna pull the trigger
I just need information, and someone to help me
Feel me? I gotta rob some mothafuckas who are wealthy
You get 50 percent, so you better not go and tell see?
(Fuck yeah, call me Sally, gimme the 'tails, you better tell me)
Oh your name is Sally? What a familiar face
This shit is high risk, don't get shot or catch a case
First target is KK Osman, his bankroll is awesome
Workin' for Curtis J, makin' big bank, he be flossing
But you see that shit be stoppin', cause we gonna rob him
Go up to the driver side of his automobile
Bring him to a hotel room for sex, and don't get caught for real
Cause if he finds out, you the only one that'll get shot
But be cool bout it, bring him up, one night guest spot
Me and Tommy will burst out, lest not he notice
All of us gotta focus, cause when we be done, then the check's hot
[Interlude: Kidd Kidd, Sally the Hooker, (Kane & Tommy), {Noises}]
Damn Girl, you thick as fuck, goddamn
Thanks baby, you lookin' good too
Ooh wee I'm gettin' the...wait what the fuck?
(Get down on the fucking ground and don't make a motherfucking sound!!!)
Bitch!! You set me up!! What the fuck!!
(Shut the fuck up!!)
(Damn Sally, what the fuck? We didn't need to shoot him!!)
He was an asshole anyways, get the money and let's go
{Sounds of money going into a duffle bag}
(Aight, we're out)

[Verse 2: Kane & (Sally)]
I run my mack game like I run my crack game you feel me?
Always appear clean but never be afraid to be filthy
That’s why Shotgun be flossing his bankrolls in the slums
So Sally, you gotta mingle with stank hoes acting dumb
You corner him and seduce, if you have to fucking marry him
And in the end, I’ll strangle him with wire then bury him
Bring him to the back VIP and give him a dance
Give him a chance and he'll probably try to get in your pants
We got Tommy in the back running the car
If you need to escape, he's the guy with the guns and the scar
I'm gonna sneak through and steal a keycard
If I have to I'll smash a motherfucker through a door like Dee Barnes
Go through the back, hide away the mac just in case
I don't want to get caught with my pants down in this place
Shotgun rolls with his posse to the bar first
Gets drunk cause it's fun, laughing at the Mexicans doing yard work
(Listen you went over this plan like fifteen times
I need fifteen lines just to get through this crime)
Ok well listen to what I say and don't fuck it up
I don't wanna deal with gunfire and stupid shit runnin' amok
[Interlude: Young Buck, Kane, Sally, (Noises)]
Oh shit, this is crazy
Hey, you look like you have a lot of money waste
I do
Then come on back, I'll give you something
Oh damn this is gonna be good, hol' on boys I'll be back
(A posse of guys yelling)
(Walking sounds)
Now close your eyes and count to ten
One, two thr...
(Sounds of choking noises)
Alright, job is done, get the money and go to the car, I'll tell you the next plan tommorow
(Sounds of running and barging through doors)

[Verse 3: Kane & (Sally)]
Aight listen up, we almost done
Now this one is gonna require you to use a gun
There's a funeral tonight for the previous deceased
And were gonna strike them when they expect the least
This silenced pistol is a Colt .45
Enough bullets to send the strongest motherfuckers to die
I'll stay in the getaway, and while you get them to lay away
Tommy hiding nearby to cut them with some razor blades
They gonna be depressed so you gotta show some love
At least a little bit, I don't wanna come in with a snub
You lure em' to a hotel room
(I already know what I'm doing damn it
Just be ready nearby with a giant motherfucking cannon
I'm gonna make sure that they dead near they pajamas
Silencers sound like firecrackers compared to the hammer)
Listen, I already formulated the plan
I don't want the fucking motel to turn into Iran
So you better calm down and follow the rules
Before long, you'll be rich and wallow in Jewels
(Not before I fuck em' up and stop em' in they shoes)
[Interlude: Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, (Noises), SALLY, Tommy]
Oh man she looking like an ugly bitch dude
For real, tho she got a nice ass
True but we should be fuckin' supermodel chicks dude, look at all the money we got
Hol' up I hear her, come on in baby
Oh shit, stop yellin', wait what the fuck is that a?
(Sounds of a hammer going into the skull)
You killed him you fucking
(More crushing noises)
Jesus fucking christ this wasn't part of the fucking plan, Kane told you, use the silenced gun with gloves
Will you stop fucking yelling so goddamn..
(Nine gunshots)
Oh shit!! It's coming through the fucking door!!

[Verse 4: 50 Cent]
You think I wouldn’t find you n***a? You be mistakin’
You killed all of my crew, you gonna be buried in the pavement
Tried to ambush, but that I don’t fall for no hoes
I anticipated your moves, nine shots through your do’
Oh shit, now you're running for your life
I got enough firearms to level Syria
Trying to put bullets through your frame, and then I’ll disappear on ya
Dumb n***a, you just got shot up in your legs
You went down like a pussy, mothafucka don’t push me
Oh now you're running scared, I can hear your heartbeat through your chest
Where was the man before claiming he was the best
And Kane, I’m coming for you next, so in case I miss my shots
Then I’m gonna go to your momma house and shoot her on the spot
I’ll make your loved ones drink drano
For fucking with all of my people on my payroll
I see the trail of blood sprayed all over the carpet
If you didn’t wanna died well you shouldn’t start shit
Oh, I just got you in the legs
But I see you shiver to your core I know that your afraid
And then I’m gonna…

[Outro: Kane, Tommy & (Noises)]
(Gunshots) he dead?....
Yeah...I got you...let's just get the fuck up outta here
He scary as fuck and I don't wanna be around if he...
He's not gonna wake up...come on let's get to the car
(Footsteps, limping away, Sirens)