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Vybz Kartel



Verse 1:
Politics of Jamaica a fi the rich man
Light bulb money [?] inna mansion
System a cop dung poor people plan
You nuh see seh dem lock up the cash plus man

A poor taxi man haffi find fifty grand
The license, the car cost a leg and a hand
Dem a gwaan like a tree people pick money pon
Dem raise up the toll and me still see pothole

Then hold on, fi the next question
Want take national water position
Dem want raise up water rate by a grand
Dem fi bathe in a shower
We fi use bad pan

Cigarette raise and ganja still banned
Police go a west and bun the wrong land
No good news a bust from [?]
George Bush and Bruce Golding a [?]

Do you know what it means to have a revolution
And what it means to make a solution
Fighting against oppression
Battling down the pressure

Verse 2:
It take long fi come but the money gone fast
Four grand a week, one day that a last
The book rent a school but me cyaan pay di cost
And me vexed how me cyaan sen him go no summer class
No bank account, that a dry up like grass
Me no go bank again, me just a look and walk past
And walk fast
Bare suffer, more than jesus pon the cross


Verse 1

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