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Vybz Kartel

"Whine Fi Me"

[Intro: Vybz Kartel & Lisa Hyper]
Gyal, me love how your body hot
Me love how your money big, and a it me waan
No worry 'bout that, hold da wedding ring
A you me waan married
You should never tell me say you waan me
Gyal, me love you!

[Chorus: Vybz Kartel & Lisa Hyper]
Come whine fi me
Me a whine Addi, me a whine Addi
Tun up di sound
And whine fu me
Me a whine Addi, me a whine Addi
Tell me same way fi whine, Addi

Come whine for me
Me a whine Addi
Police a come, take time for me
Time for me
Take time for me

[Verse 1: Vybz Kartel & Lisa Hyper]
Me waan fi love you inna real life
When you touch mi body, that feel nice
Then a Rompin' Shop fi the whole night
Make sure say you can love me 'til daylight
Me nah lie, gyal you melt me like cream ice
'Cause mi body feel hotter than steam rice
It love grow and you know it cyan chastise
To the church, make we married and baptize
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