Bring It When You Ready lyrics

Vybz Kartel

Watch dem a run
Run dem dung breathless
Dem tek ten step but my gun fasta'n federal express
Wrong man dem test
Rope round hand like bangle, wrap rope round neck like necklace
When tec rest
In excess, blood wet dem chest mek bed rest
Teacha nuh gi maths test
Bullet sting like wasp nest
Dem seh dem a gangsta, gangsta one-sta
When revolver press chemical bullet will dissolve at chest

Bullet a stop yuh like brake inna vehicle
Shoot we shoot to kill while dem ongle study people
Bring it when yuh ready badman nuh fraid a people
Desert joncrow nyam dem cause dem did a look fi people
Infrared wid di scope a yuh stoplight
Bulldogs love jumping fi stump inna cat fight
Gang up likkle neega
None a unnu mi nuh fraid a
More rifle dan Arabia
When yuh see me yuh fi act right

[Verse 1]
When di mag meet yuh chop up like hog meat
Glock weh mek Todd leak mi spray pon yuh [?]
Body pon di Gully but yuh head deh pon dat street
Blood run like [?] leak, cover dem wid dat sheet
Chattin dem love dweet, badman dem bloodcleet
Chattin dem love dweet, badman dem bloodcleet
Man wi bury dem unda di dirt weh di mud keep
More dirt we a throw pon it, coo deh flowers a grow pon it


[Verse 2]
Mi nuh tek nuh press nuh tek no publishing
Dell a point rifle pon bwoy shot a flourish him, nourish him
Black scandal bag to di rubbish bin, Thuggish ting
War hot, peppa like pickle ting, likkle likkle
So yuh likkle fren start go missing
AK sound like Wailers when Bunny sing
And no missing
None a my friend dem nuh Christian, we carry sin
So if dem fool deh diss me that will be embarrasing


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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