"Red Room"


I'm a maniac, go crazy for the cash (Hey, brazy)
Green Lamborghini, paper tags (Skrrt, skrrt)
Ridin’ through the city, 30 mags (Brrt, bow)
n***as snitchin', they the police with no badge (Woo, woo, woo)
How I grew up, my momma was my dad (Momma, huh)
So when I blew up I put her in a pad (Mansion)

I like to throw up when I think about the crash (Ugh, ugh)
Not playin', when I hit the tree I smell the gas (Hey, hey)

Lookin’ at the sky, think about my past (Sky)
When I used to kick the door, shoot you for the cash (Boot, boot, boot)
Everybody hit the floor 'fore you make me mad (Floor)
Devil had a n***a soul livin' too fast (Soul)
Prayin' to the Lord, my soul to keep (Keep)
Controllin' me (Me), take a hold of me (Hold)
b*t*hes ain't sh*t, got exposed by E! ('Sposed)
So naive (So), cold in the streets (Streets)

[Verse 1]
Sleep on my feet (Feet)
Money turn homies to zombies, they eat (Zombies)
Miss my grandma, she was humble and sweet (Grandma)
I don't speak, let the check talk for me (Check, woo)
I can’t sleep ’less the TEC in my reach (TEC)
Hit the dope, make me choke, make me wheeze (Choke)
Sip the dope, help the pain at ease (Hey)
Tryna get the money 'fore it clean, it was dirty (Dirty)
Playin’ football, hide the fire in my girdle (Fire)
Gettin' locked up, runnin' round in a circle (Circle)
Brother caught fifteen like he did a murder
(Murder, murder, murder, murder)
Now my whole family hurtin'
(Hurtin’, hurtin', hurtin', hurtin')
Tryna see the light but we couldn't pull the curtain
(Curtain, curtain, curtain, curtain)
Night time lurkin' (Night, night)
Momma said the streetlights 'bout to stop workin' (Light, light, light)
Lookin' at my momma in her eyes (Momma)
Lookin' at me like a new person (New person)
She tellin' me I need to slow down (Slow down)
The pain don't go away with the Percy (Slow down)
That was when the rap wasn't working (Wasn't working)
Living in the trap, it's a circus (Trap circus)
See my grandma in a hearse (Grandma)
And Pistol P gone in the casket
Shot's fired, n***a blasting (Brrt)
Cops, they arrive, start smashing (Woop, woop)
Opps, we shoot shots like the Mavericks (Opps)
Vaults, put the cash up and we stash it (Stash)
You flop, we doing numbers can't imagine (Hey)
Money tunnel when the roof panoramic (Skrrt)
Count the bundles 'til my hand start crampin' (Cramp)
I come with the drip, I need a napkin (Hey)
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