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Kickin' out a thot because she extra
Whippin' on that bowl, I get the extras
Whippin' in that bowl, I scrape the extras
Whippin' in that bowl, I scrape the extras
Kick a thot out 'cause she at the extra
I supply all the weed to the veterans
b*t*h, I pour it out the seal, ain't no measurin'
Hop in the coupe, it's loose
And that bih want it for me
This sh*t, got it for the group
I'ma bet, dawg
My n***a, you know, I'm a true
Yeah, keepin' it quack
I do what the gangstas do
Yeah, I'ma buss it on the fake
And my wrist up out the Wraith
Stackin' up my save
Ain't got time, these b*t*hes play
I got nothin' to say
Tеll that boy to be safe, uh
I'ma get thе cake
I'ma keep racin' and chasin'
Ever since I'm gonna stop
Look, all my family came and embraced it
Keep on poppin' off
And I'ma have to give 'em [?]
f**k, I didn't replace her
I'm not doing relations
I'ma just go and get
In all these songs and making creations
I just keep supplyin', multiplyin', why they hatin'?
Divin' in the crowd, dirty up my human races
Tight [?] like the pigeon got some braces
Fine b*t*hes at the mansion, this a little wave sh*t
We gon' give her load of money, we doin' penetration
Trappin' out the bando, we recorded in the basement
All them done cases, I wish I could erase it
This sh*t is just the bill, bought the seals, bought the cases
Give her donation

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