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[Verse 1]
I lick the gun when I'm done
'Cause I know that revenge is sweet
So sweet
This is a gang, ladies thang
Baby bang, tell me what you need, oh
Any motherf**ker wanna disrespect
Playing with fire finna get you wet
How it feel down there on your knees

I got this
Girls like a soldier
Trip and it's goin' down, down, down

I'm ready to roll
Girl, I'm with you
If they get you, they get me
So come on, let's go
b*t*h, I'm with you
If you with it, you with me
You know I'm down
Down for life
Load it, reload it and let's go
Gangsta for life
'Til the day that I die
Yeah, I promise I'm standing high
'Cause you know that I'm down
You know I'm down
Gangsta for life
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