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[Intro: C03 & The Martian]
C03 ,The martian
Mob , Yeah We Killers
Money over b*t*hes my n***a

[Verse 1: C03]
Look around Look around (look around)
Ain't nobody Around you
Hear the Sound hear the sound (hear the sound)
That's the loud i be blazing
Look amazing i spend days in
Writing this sh*t
Killing this sh*t call me Dan Marino
b*t*h we still spiting like we ate a Jalapeño
Lame ass Rappers With lame ass Lyrics (lame)
Money over b*t*hes that's the Moto
f**k around And get slapped Harder
6 Blunts to the head (yeah)
And we Screaming f**k this bled (f**k em)
Can't see us cause we cooking (cooking)
We cooking this work yeah we Cooking (Cooking)
Wait lemme slow down take a hit
Higher flyer i see your girl when i desire
I was born and raised in hell that's why i got that fire
Angel And a devil at the same time n***a Satanic smile
Whole squad with me and we all agree that you a liar
I make money not Exceptions
f**k around and get lost n***a Inception
New ways to kill y'all n***as inventions
If Life Is hard then my d**k is harder
Only fear god and karma (god)
Only Hear My n***as And my mama (mamma)
I'm Clever Motherf**ker
I f**k your honey and she Gets no money

[Verse 2: The Martian]
And she Gets no money?
She only gets carrots bugs bunny
I would laugh with you n***as but you ain't that funny
Couldn't find love sh*t i'm so cold
The devil is a character i'm just playing his role (diablo)
Don't follow me i ain't no role
Hey doc is it cool if she swallows ?
(yeah n***a that's cool)
I'm immortal call me dead pool
I don't care about that girl i just use her sex tool
Get it ? now forget it , i mean forget her fool
I'm flyer than the birdman
Y'all n***as don't understand
I'm at the top (the top)
Reach me if you can
My my my style is hard to imitate
I want that check now better not late
We already told you n***as that we are great
Imma pray for you n***as than celebrate

[Hook: C03]
Higher Flyer
n***as hating on us cause we higher flyer
Your b*t*h wanna f**k with us cause we higher flyer
Smoking on that good so we higher flyer
Higher Flyer
n***as hating on us cause we higher flyer
Your b*t*h role us the weed cause we higher
Smoking on that loud so we higher flyer

[Verse 3: The Martian]
Once again once again Running this sh*t call me the president
Living on your minds and i never paid the rent
2 faces live or die Harvey dent
Naked pics n***a that's what she sent
Wanna have sex n***a that's what she meant
Role the joint Oh bae Obey (It's Lit)
Swag on point Rozay like swae (swag)
Imma Hot Boy Call me Juvenile
I took your girl's pu**y for a Souvenir
She said don't stop until i moan
C03 is a doc your hoe is a nurse Lets Shoot some Porn
Imma wrong Doc !

[Verse 4: C03]
What's Wrong what's right ? (huh)
Ask me what's good I'll tell you what's Life (yeah)
Asked her what's nice she went straight to the head
You heard what i said You heard what i said ?
I lost my mind but i ain't looking for it (nah)
My n***a called me PAC u mad n***a ? sue us (sue us)
We smoking on them flowers and Your b*t*h the florist (trees)
This is our city y'all n***as tourists (yeah)
We taught them everything now they trying spook us ? (haha)
It's just me my n***as and some hookahs (hookahs)
Flow Sick I'm the doc I can heal it (yes sir)
Beat dead yeah we killed it can't you feel it ? (rip)
Stars in the rising yeah we lit like Bic take a flick
Just one more hit than we might just quit
Nah n***a that's never y'all n***as Sweeter than Graham Heather
Ma n***a i'm the champ like Floyd Mayweather
Chloë grace Moretz Y'all n***as are cuter (pow pow)
If i'm in the song then you know it's dope
I'm so f**king high u couldn't see me with a telescope

[Outro: C03]
We the future
Shout-out my n***a Bou
Shout-out my n***a Zee
The mob n***a

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