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"Bread Winner"

[Verse 1]

Yeah, I been going out/
Meeting women/
Buying shots/
Man you know that's how we're living/
Almost every night, I be pimping/
I'm Michael Jordan, you Scottie pippin/
I got the glory I got the women/
You out here steady catching feelings/
Man look what I become,/
Working for number one/
We're like the Phoenix Suns/
Back when in '93/
Back then I was Zamani/
Before they called me Zee/
Back when I learned this rapped thing man back when my style was free/
And now we steady getting cash
Steady out here making moves/
Got nothing else to do
I'm just staying loose/
I'm just keeping busy man, lord knows that's the truth/
What am I spose to do/
We the n***as from the east, with the name signed on the lease/
Grow that money like its yeast, cut the bread I need my piece/


Cause n***a I'm about my bread/
I need to learn to stay ahead/
Girl I'm just tryna get some head/
And put that ass straight back to bed/
Cause n***a I'm about my bread/ x2
I need to learn to stay ahead
Cause n***a i'm about my bread
Yeah n***a, I'm about my bread

[Verse 2]

Them hood n***as learned to put us on a pedastal/
We do the same sh*t as ya'll we're just in better cars/
We just gotta hotter broads, we speak in better tongues/
We never started here though, just look how far we've come/
Yeah, Stay stagnant and I swear that you will die there/
With 5 kids and work until you are tired/
70 and retired, this is why you admire me/
This is why I inspire, private jet to the private yacht/
This is what I desire/

Yeah, just let em know
I'm that n***a, i'm that n***a boy

[Verse 3]

Yeah, look
Drunk for seven days, ok I'm being reckless/
Hate some places in Cape Town, people seem so pretentious/
Like a bunch of pretenders, we came so far for ya'll/
They came in cars and all, we shut down all the malls/
Now we're just out here at The View sipping drinks on Thursday/
Or was that day a Friday, out here with Keagan Ireland/
Out here with Desmondoza, out here with Van Der Meezy/
And Thando's out here with them locks and we're just looking easy/
I would say life's good, I'd say we're doing well/
I'd tell you what the heads like but I don't kiss and tell/
I like the tempo of my life, steady escalating/
There are some actions I can't take, I have a reputation/
The life we're living is like whiskey man, this sh*ts reserved/
And you can chase it if you want it, if you got the nerve/
It's not for everybody, and I'm not being c*cky/
You always gotta seem on, no time for being sloppy/
And we're still pushing cause we always tend to dream bigger/
Visions with more glitter, evenings with more liquor/
There's champagne with all the things that's going on/
The problem when you're winning is you don't when you're wrong/
You miss all your mistakes, cause life is always great/
Until they finally catch up with you, then soon you'll be replaced/
Amidst all of this work life the girls will drive you crazy/
It's got me thinking lately, the ones you want aren't patient/
The ones you want are getting married, or want plans for that/
I don't have plans like that, and that's a scary fact/
Ah well leave the gloom, I'm out here with a view/
Congratulate me man cause I'm the kid that you once knew/

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