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"Pull your socks up"

Uh uh uh huu uh uh uh......


You drilled holes under my boat
You let water in so it can sink
You plotted my downfall
You drive my emotions crazy
This friendship is so weak
I don't feel safe around you at all
Your mask has finally fallen
So now you are left all alone
Your mission is been revealed
Rubber wrapper I have always been
You stretched me too much
I binded with you safely
But now I'm getting weaker and weaker
You stressed me too much
You are toxic to my body
Im Getting rid of you next time
When you need me
You better put up your socks....

Pull your socks
Up Up
Pull your socks
Up Up
Pull your socks
Up Up
Or else I'm leaving you
Pull your socks up
Up Up (You better pull up your socks yeah)
Pull your socks
Up Up

Or I will be gone forever
You better pull up your socks

Oh oh yeah
You better pull up your socks

Mosire - Verse

Tell you what, I always planned to stick around for long
With you around I swore that I always wanted more
I never thought that one day we'd argue back and forth
But then again I guess as they say when it rains, it pours - What's going on-

It's a hard-time in a relationship
We used to grind-hard but now you playin' with me
We would fight for loving but now you blaming me
I -- remember when you used to pray with me

But then -- that's how it goes, you win some you lose some
I never thought love would be this gruesome
Do you remember that I always came through huh?
So independent but we were always a two some

Sick of what is really happenin'
Seriously this thin' is really maddening
'Specially cause your friends keep on meddling
So -- pull your sock up, this is not a song cry

(Back to chorus)
The End

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