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[Intro: Cam Groves]
We getting high baby
To the sky baby
We Smoked It All, 3

[Verse 1: Cam Groves]
I be smoking on that potent weed, greener than some Mountain Dew
Got a stoner floating like a falcon at this altitude
Find me puffing on the piff or the haze
I'm getting stoned like women in the biblical days
I need my weed so stressed, I can let it go
Dr. Green Thumb got me messing with this medical
Chilling with my friends, we be laughing along
Crack a bunch of jokes while I'm packing the bong
Whether on tour nationwide, or just driving 'round town straight wasting time
I like to get high while I take a ride and get higher than the great divide
Recreate the vibe
When you peeps roll this weed on, got the munchies in the fridge like Freon
We rhyme finer than the keef that we chief on
Wouldn't be We Smoked It All 3 without a weed song

Higher, higher, higher (High up, number three)
Higher, higher, higher (But I'm high as can be)
Higher, higher, higher (Still floating into c*mulonimbus)
Higher, higher, higher

[Verse 2: Spose]
Me and Caron in my basement and we're smoking on that outside Fingers sticky, eyes squinted and my mouth dry
Out in Cali, smoke the type of weed that Snoop got
How I'm downstairs but I'm higher than the rooftop
Throw on some Prince, we'll f*ck you up royal
Grab a two-liter bottle, some aluminum foil
In a bathtub full of water, weed and it's on
Now, that's what the f*ck I call a gravity bong
Guess who's back
I was a mile high in Denver when I first tried wax
Got obliterated like infrastructure in Iraq
I'm in the back of the van sleeping, don't f*ck up my nap
If we got a day off you know what we would do
I'm out it in San Diego first tried Cheeba Chews
I got so motivated, got my sh*t, and then set up a studio
I made it so my fingertips are feeling f*cking beautiful

Higher, higher, higher (My hands feel amazing)
Higher, higher, higher (I just wanna touch things, you know what I'm saying? This wood is crazy, this wood feels nice right now)
Higher, higher, higher (What kind of wood is this?)
Higher, higher, higher (Cedar? Nah, it's not cedar, let me smell that)
Higher, higher, higher

[Outro: Cam Groves]
Yeah man, that's what's up? I remember only having two verses and being like "this song needs one more," and like I had already started like the first four bars or whatever, and so, just went with a third verse, which I rarely do these days. But that's cool man, um, I'm ready to really start going on all this We Smoked It All 3 stuff, I just gotta get a couple days off work here, work's been killing me

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