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"Still Preposterous"

I toe up under city lights

[Verse: Spose]
I'm still preposterous, Smokey oesophagus
Watch me make an omelette with sausages on top of it
You won't
I'm not from the south; quite the opposite
In january three degrees like a doctorate

Man, look at Spizzy-Spose
He thinks he's so cool
Look at his wrists and lack of neck-a-lace with no jewels
Lets get retarded: Go drool
With some alcoholics, so f*ck your O'Douls
On stage drunk; Flat out rude
When there's ice-storms here, we get black-outs too - OH!

Next to Vermont we're the smokiest around
Clam buckets, dank nuggets up in copious ammounts
I never f*ck a clock; I'm not in to doin' time
But my rhymes been sublime since listening to nevermind
'Till I blow-up or grow-up I'll live a sh*tty life
And then toe up, I get toe-up under city lights

("I get toe up under city lights" all chopped up to the beat)

[Verse: Cam Groves]
I've got my:
Beer in backpack
Weed in crack-hat
Extra-tall resin tip, I'll show you where I stashed that
My rhymes pack heat, better duck
Quack Quack, like you're Aflac
Girl i wanna see that ass clap, cause I'm looking for a round-of-applause
Any way that I can get it, so get down in them drawers
Now every time I'm laying down a track
I get toe-up like I was lying on my back

We can rap in Maine (Maine)
It ain't hard to do (do)
Still no grill, (nah) just a barbeque
Spose and Cam Groves (Who?) will be next
Putting Maine on the map like a G-P-S
I'll be on stage screamin' (screamin')
All the people in the place, would you throw it up if you're bulimic
I'm trying to make that sandpaper; Keep it gritty, right?
And i get toe (ah-I get toe up) under city lights


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