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"Mountain Dew & Aerosmith"

Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie
And sometimes why, nothing is for short
Nothing is for certain, nothing lasts forever
But until they close the curtain

I'll be pursuing this rap sh*t
Until I go or I blow like saxes
Maine plates, game face even in practice
And my faction, hard to divide like fractions
When denominators aren't matching
Common haters get evaded simple baxter
f*ck a hashtag and a caption
I just paint the picture, I depict with my passion
And I don't care how many likes or who's tagged in
Me, before I get blown to a fragment
By a bombing that was plotted in an Islamic accent
Who's home life after that drone strike had him
Wanting to be haunting where his dad went
I want to get them spazzing, off this sh*t that I imagine
And buy a log cabin to watch Cash Cab in
And read books
And get rappers to stop braggin'
Yo, I know my time here's limited
Duck fears, tried to live years uninhibited
A misfit, they couldn't fit him in the scrimmages
I get it where I fit in my affinity for spitting it
Had me feeling like only infinity could limit him
Got an idiot dissing him always looking primitive
Life a breeze but it's blustery
You like some thing cherish it
I don't need no luxuries
Uncle Jeff sipping Mountain Dew, always bumping Aerosmith

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