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[INTRO] popular, your gunna(oh snap)be popular(it's like glee in here)Your gunna be popular, Your gunna be popular Your gunna(we smoked it all volume two)be Popular, I had to be popular I had to be popular, I had to be popular(yeah)I had to be...

I can't run dude, I wanted to be popular, scranny with no ladies on me lurking where the lockers where, like what I gotta do to be the topic of the gossipers, to get all eyes on my like I was binoculars, cops had me raised on computers I was nerdy, popularity holy is football jerseys, which I didn't wear, dandruff in my hair, not exactly the prescription to get chickens getting bear, and for acne I wasn't exempt, I had dots on my face looking like assasnation attempt but now, let me give you the history of how they went from dissin' me to kissin' me to missin' me despite all my deficiencies, I started rhyming daily in my freshman year, and by the time I graduated I was the best of my piers, so I pulled into that parking lot late for my exam with that bass loud enough to make the deaf chick glance I was

[Hook] your gunna be popular your gunna be popular your gunna be popular your gunna be popular, I had to be popular I had to be popular I had to be popular I had to be...

Ill take you back as the minute hand goes, it's the same cam grooves in my name brand clothes, only back then, I wore them even bigger I was just a little wigger in my tommy hilfigure(hola) had an older sister so I never got my ass kicked, backwards cap like my hat did a backflip, before I knew about girls and they're drama I remeber spinning bottles with a sarah or a a shawna, or a jackie or for the acne trying to get the fastest lap speed at the track meet, beofre I had these dreams up the mainstream, working on my jump shot trying to make the "A" team(swoosh) at the movies with the cuties just to hold hands, kept my hands low and stepped into a slow dance, oh man being cool I really wanted it and even back in school I knew I was gunna be popular


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