[Verse One]
I heard she used to be a Knicks dancer
Clever as really ever and her sign is a Cancer
Heard baby maybe even cop J's
And can rock jazz hands like all kinda ways
"Is that a sexual innuendo?"
No, but we can still be friends. though
And I don’t really smoke weed
But we can ride around and sing “hey must be the money!"

I just gotta let you know
I think you’re wonderful
There’s this thing you do to me
That thing that makes me weak
Baby, I think your wonderful

[Verse Two]
Hall and Oates said I'm ******* with a rich girl
But I don't even care, I'd do anything for this girl
Am I worried cause she's only dating athletes?
Told her I'm an Ad-Man, she confused me with the mathletes
She’s been running through my mind like a track meet
Still think about her when I track beats
On my Lebron but I need D-Wade
Jack, I know you get that from the National BA


[Verse Three]
Laid back chief in dark denim and loafers
We partied all night then I crashed on her sofa-ers
I’m hanging just show me your city
I’m praying, just show me your pretty
You're pretty
You're beautiful
I'm trying not to say it rudely though
Honestly I'll kiss the ground you walk on
Throw the C's up drop the beat and rock on

Ooh get em high girl
You don’t even gotta try girl
You’re so fly girl
Tell me what’s it gonna take to make you my girl
Who taught you how to wear that dress
Who taught you how to talk that mess

[Verse Three]
I promise, I'm so self-conscious
That's why you always see me with at least one of my bosses
Pretty ladies, that is
At least until I can afford that pretty Mercedes-es-es
Then we'll drop the top in the middle of December
Cause it's hard to get cold when you drop Get Hot in the winter
I see these other dudes under your skin like a splinter
What’s it gonna take for me to take you out to dinner?
We can talk about whatever you like
After that, baby we can go wherever you like
Drink some wine, I swear this can go wherever you like
Close the door 'cause baby I can go however you like