Anything For You
[Verse One]
Pretty girl caught up with the gangsters
Says he bangs-bangs but I heard he was a w***ster
"Wham bam thank you, sir, thank ya
Give me all your diamonds and pearls
I won’t die a lonely girl"
I’m going out in style like it’s going out of style
Gold inside my smile brighter than the motor mile
She says, “will you love me till you die?”
She says, “will you ever tell a lie?”

[Verse Two]
Will you want me till I’m old?
Like I’m Marilyn Monroe
And if I tell you not to go
Could we really take it slow?
The American ideal, Daisy chained to Jay Gatsby
Daddy was a preacher, she got knocked up a b*st*rd
She says, "push the pedal to the floor"
She says, “take me where I’ve never been before”
She says, "Drive faster, faster."
"Baby, drive faster, faster, faster."

She says she's caught up in the flashes
Why be a good girl? It’s so fun being bad
Chauffeurs, champagne, lipstick and diamonds
Such a pretty night, any pretty girl would die for
She says give it to me baby
And he gives it to her crazy
He says “it’s true, ooo ooo
I’d do anything for you, ooo ooo
I’d do anything for you, ooo ooo."

Breakfast at Tiffany's