Daylight, pray for daylight
You gotta be strong
Cause the devil’s trine take try’nna take you home
Try’nna steal your soul

[Chorus One]
Our father
In heaven
We're in hell
Are you listening?
Can you hear me?
Do you see this?
99 problems is your 99 thesis?

Pray harder
For a miracle
Light a candle
Saint Ignatius
Ejected by the reverend, ironically in irreverence
Stoned on the church steps, blood on the pavement

Forgive me father
Walls and ceilings
My confessions
Demons in the dark I see them watching
Monsters in the night, still approaching

The flesh is weak
Taint salvation
“Our Father”, we pray before we sleep
But even when we sleep we're having nightmares
Wake up in a sweat, can’t breathe
Another night terror
(Kanye West 'On Site' scream sample)


Pastor BB Jay preaches