[Verse One]
The circ*mstances kinda shady
But now when I'm with you I'm at least calling you baby
And these other girls back home are like "Please call me even maybe"
But I can't even imagine ******* anyone but you lately
Oh ****
I guess I know he calls you "baby" too
And I try not to think about it every time we rendezvous
But you're crying in my room
Telling me you fell in love
And it's never been like this before
It's never been like us
How can I, help
But want to make you my own
And I'm saving every picture that you're sending to my phone
And I hate giving you back to him, every time you leave
You're always gone when I wake up, I guess you're only in my dreams

One time for the bad, bad ******* from my city
Two times for the bad, bad ******* too pretty
Three times for the bad, bad ***** I'm taking home
Four times for the bad, bad ***** I call my own
That's you
Oooh baby, it's you

[Verse Two]
The circ*mstances kinda hazy
I been talking talking to myself, you been talking to me crazy
Maybe I'm a tramp, but you sure as hell ain't no lady
And I know you'll start talking different I put you in that Mercedes
I'm just tryn'na make you the Yoncé to my Jay Z
Or at least the Kim to my Yeezy
She in the mirror dancing so sleazy
Kisses French, but that *** no habla ingles

Don't get caught up in that he-say-she-say
Baby, don't get caught you don't gotta listen what he say
I'm just tryn'na drop the top on the freeway
Hit the four-way-stop when I ask for the three-way

Oh, kissing on my tattoos
Baby, how could I be mad at you?
You’re a devil in a red dress
But a devil, nonetheless

Ay B, B I'm not ever gonna lie to you
I Would die 4 U
Make Doves Cry for you
I Wanna Be Your Lover. Make you Breakfast In Bed
If you treat me like a Prince, you'll be my Little Red Corvette
I'm just tryn'na take you out for out for dinner and gelato
Set the mood with some Marvin Gaye and Muscato
Blood orange San pelegrino and mint mulanos
Search the city for the best Americanos
Netflix and sushi
Dinner and a movie
Soulcycle and smoothies
Prada, Chanel and Gucci
I don't even think you understand what I'm saying
This could be us, but you're still playing