“Weird Al” Yankovic
Bad Hombres, Nasty Women Mix
[Intro: Weird Al, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton]
Good evening
Well, first of all, it's great to be with you and thank you everybody
This is it, your last chance to make an impression
So... let's make it count
We know we've got lots of work to do
Let's do this in B-flat minor

[Verse 1]
Such a nasty woman
He choked
He choked
He goes around with crocodile tears
Wrong, such a nasty woman

[Verse 2]
We have so many adversaries overseas
Can we all agree to be frenemies?
I would work with our allies in the Middle East
That’s the only way we’re going to keep the peace
Mosul Mosul Mosul so sad so sad
It’s a catastrophe so bad so bad
Can everyone achieve the American Dream?
Or should they sign up for my Ponzi scheme?
We are gonna go where the money is
We are gonna help small businesses
Our jobs are being sucked out of our economy
Right now our country is dying dying big league big league

Why should you run the show?
We’ve gotta do more
Tell us 'cause we need to know
We need to get the drug lords
Two more weeks until we vote
You’ll get shot walking to the store
Who should really run the show
Donald got into a Twitter war
[Verse 2]
For the Supreme Court who would you choose?
Please don’t say me I’m a busy dude
The Supreme Court it’s what it’s all about
The Second Amendment is under such such trauma
I understand and respect gun ownership
I hope the Senate confirms the nominee of President Obama
To stop a cold war what should we be doing?
Would you go thumb wrestle Vladimir Putin?
I don’t know Putin, this is not my best friend
He's outsmarted Hillary and she’s playing chicken
Look at the start up they signed
You are willing to spout the Putin line
These cyber attacks from the Kremlin
Are designed to influence our election
Putin has a very clear favorite in this race
He’d rather have a puppet as President of the United States

Why should you run the show?
We have horrible deals
Tell us ‘cause we need to know
Donald bought Chinese steel
Two more weeks until we vote
I should win easily
Who should really run the show, the show
He’s talking down our democracy
[Verse 3]
It’s so dishonest I say it’s rigged
She should never have been allowed to run based on what she did
I see
Our democracy works we’ve had free and fair elections
Donald thinks things are rigged every time things are not going in his direction
We have some bad bad hombres here
And we’re gonna get ‘em out
It’s what it’s all about
Bad hombres

Why should you run the show?
I want to raise the minimum wage
Tell us ‘cause we need to know
Our country is so outplayed
Two more weeks until we vote
We invest from the ground up
Who should really run the show, the show
Our jobs are being suck sucked

Wow, that was great guys
Fantastic melodies
Thanks for doin' a great job
I'm very proud of that
Is it windy in here or is it just me?
Just me?
This is, this is my wind?
Just for me?