“Weird Al” Yankovic
Rock Is Dead (Live At Catalina Jazz Club)
[Jack & (Kage)] [Sketch]
Shush for just one moment, there's something wrong with our electric guitar player
(Something wrong with Kones?)
Look at him
(It's like he's catatonic or something. What's wrong with him?)
Do you hear that creepy sound?
(I do!)
It's like a theremin. It can only mean one thing: he's posessed!
(Posessed? By who?)
By Satan, of course!

I am complete!

[Jack & Kage]

Yes, you are f**ked
Sh*t out of luck
Now I'm complete
And my c*ck you will suck
This world will be mine
And you're first in line
You brought me the pick
And now you shall both die

Wait, wait
Wait you motherf**ker
We challenge you to a rock-off
Give us one chance to rock your socks off

F**k, f**k
The demon code prevents me
From declining a rock-off challenge
What are your terms?
What's the catch?

If we win
You must take your sorry a** back to Hell
And also, you will have to pay our rent
And what if I win?

[Jack & (Kage)]
Then you can take Kage back to Hell...
(That sounds like a fair dea- What?)
Trust me Kage, it's the only way
To be your little b*t*h

I'm the Devil
I love Metal
Check this riff
It's f**king tasty
I'm the Devil, I can do what I want
Whatever I've got I'm gonna flaunt
There's never been a rock-off
That I've ever lost
I can't wait to take Kage back to Hell
I'm gonna fill him with my hot demon gel
I'll make him squeal
Like my Scarlet Pimpernel

[Jack & (Kage)]
Come on Kyle, let's fight his music with our music
(There's just no way that we can win
That was a masterpiece)
Listen to me
(He rocks too hard
Because he's not a mortal man)
Goddammit, Kage!
He's gonna make you his sex slave
You're gonna gargle Mayonnaise
Unless we bust a ma**ive monster mamma-jam
(Dude, we've been through so much sh*t)
Deactivated lasers with my d**k
Now it's time to blow this f**ker down!
Come on, Kage
Now it's time to blow doors down
(I hear you Jables
Now it's time to blow doors down)
Light up the stage
'Cause it's time for a showdown
(We'll bend you over
Then we'll take you to brown town)
Now it's time to blow this f**ker down
(He's gonna rape me if we do not blow doors down)
Come on Kage
'Cause it's time to blow doors down
(Oooh, we'll piledrive ya
It's time for the smackdown)
Hey Antichrister
We know your weakness
Our Rocket Sauce
We rock the Casbah
And blow your mind
We shall defeat you
For all mankind
You hold the scepter
We hold the key
You are the Devil
We are the D!
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We are the D
We beat the Devil, yeah
We kicked his f**king a**
He tried to eat our soul
We turned his a** to gra**

We're mighty mighty
And he owes us f**king rent
He is the devil
Now his f**king c*ck is bent

And they all say!