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"Fortnite Rap"

Kevin make it SekC!

Hop out the bus
Open the chest I ain't makin' a fuss
Grenades is a plus
Stock up on ammo I'm makin' a rush
I'll see you flush
They talkin' too much so I'm makin' them hush
I jump in the brush
I lure with a weapon these fools gettin' crushed

I'm building a fort
Messin' with me then it's mission abort
You lookin' short
I got the shotty they pressin' "Report"
They think I'm a hacker
Only headshots and my sight's like a tracker
The circle is faster
I use a medkit then pray like a pastor

See I'm at the top
If you got sniper you gonna get shot
Gonna get popped
You building to high say goodbye as you drop
New skin from the shop
My character thick tell little shawty to drop it
You they can't stop it
Bish we gettin' wins 'cause you know that we poppin'

See the drop, drop top launch pad pimpin'
RPG, you ain't me, you is not winnin'
Pyramids like Egypt
Laid a trap they didn't see it
Get zapped, get trolled, bish
Check the stats, I'm on a roll, bish

Got a scar got a tactical
Bro your base isn't practical
Jumpin' in cause I'm radical
Gold gun lookin' magical
Shield po got me feeling right
Window, lookin' through the sight
Bingo now you getting sniped
Where you at? We in Fortnite!

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