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Sarah Vaughan

"Always On My Mind"

Always on my mind
While you're far away
You're always on my mind
Every lonely day
I long to hold you near
I wish that you were here
Instead of being always on my mind

What am I to do
All my life I longed to give my love to you
I'm a hopeless case
There's no one else for me
Forever you will be
The only one who's always on my mind

Trying all I know to make the hands of time go faster than they've ever gone before
Must they go so slow, 'till you return to me you will always be

Always on my mind
And I know that someday
When the faits are kind
I will hold you in my arms forevermore
'till then you know for sure
There's no one else
You're walways on my mind

Always on my mind

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