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Robyn Hitchcock

"[spoken interlude]"

And now, by the light of the tomato, this is Captain Keegan

Yeah, anyway ...
This is a really comfortable song
Its the musical equivalent of a sofa or a contour fitted chair
Its unable to cause you any pain, whatsoever
I mean, you know ...
Unless your actually hearing the harmonics of this kind of thing is painful
But its designed not to upset you in the least
Its not even bland
You know, you couldn't say "This is annoyingly uncomfortable"
Its like, I was in a lobby once in Minneapolis and
... in fact, there was a whole hotel in front of it as well ...
And, I was in the lobby, and ...
It was icy outside; there were people with ice picks
And they were just hauling themselves along the surface
Like they do when, you know, they turn the screen horizontally
And they were inching their way along Nicollet Mall
And there was a howling blizzard
And inside it was very ...
There was this muzac playing in the lobby
And I had a hangover
And I was carrying a meat cleaver
And I went up to the desk and I said "Could you turn the muzak down please"
And they said "I'm sorry sir, we can't"
And I said, I took my cleaver out and I said, "Why not?"
And they said "Because its pleasing"

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