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Robyn Hitchcock

"You've Got"

You've got the power of motion
You've got a world you can choose
You've got so much that there's only yourself you can lose

And you've got a hairstyle that suits you
You've got a shirt which is nice
And you've got a man who salutes you and then does it twice

Everything you'll ever want and more
Dark green waves that crash upon the shore
Can wear you down
But they'll never you break you

You've got a voice deep inside you
You've got a road that's uphill
And you've got a conscience that flashes before you get ill

And you've got a boyfriend in Ghana
You've got a mother in Spain
And you've got a friend in the Lord and you drive me insane

Everything you've ever said to me
Aeroplanes that crash into the sea
Can break your heart
But they'll never change you

Never change you
Never change you

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