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Robyn Hitchcock

"The Abyss"

In the abyss, i don't know
In the heart of me i'm blind
Blind as if there was snow
Drifting through my mind
I don't know what is true
But my compass points to you

When it's quivering like this...

In the abyss

There are things
That swirl before my eyes
They've got horns, they've got wings
They were born to tantalise
Is it true what i see
Or is it all inside of me?

When it's flickering like this
When you're in a place like this
Mmm hmm
In the abyss

In the abyss
You can feel
The pressure on your skin
From the tip of your heel
To the face your eyes are in
If you go down there with me
What are we going to see?

When you hear the serpent hiss
And you're aching for the kiss
Mmm hmm
And you're in a place like this
In the abyss

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