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"Swag So Clean"

[Lil Uzi Vert]:
Diamonds on my wrist them b*tches wet just like a well
My new crib so big yeah my backyard it got a trail
You know my swag it so clean it got green I'm talkin' kelp
[?] long like a unibrow so my Glock in their [?]
Took my one whole day to fly that b*tch and she Australian
What's her name, don't look like snitch so I ain't with the tellin

Hundred hoes at the hotel
I [?]
New foreign [?]
Woah, yeah, we [?] better
[?] we want the sweater forever
[?] straight off the shelter
Yeah he came straight off the shelter
Woah, yeah, [?]
They mad a n*gga ain't [?]
Woah, yeah, [?] light as a feather
Woah, yeah, [?]

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