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( Duke: )
Jus bought a pint so the whole team can sip
n***a talk crazy get hit in the lip
I am so lowkey when I'm in the vip
I didn’t get searched I got it on my hip
Kickin that b*t*h and you know she's a rip

( Hook : duke )
I'm not the player I’m the coach
If you want more then juss order the border
I don't want piece of the bread
Cuz b*t*h I came from the low
Put it on 6 on one that's on the low
pu**y get tortured and hung on the rope
Cut off his finger and leave him a note
When you play dirty that's how the sh*t go

( Hook: Gunna )
I had to hit and drop a thousand dough
I had to break it down and get it sold
I got some money wit me fed the po
I kept it solid I'll never fold
I know you ain't real cuz I can see the flaw
I used to be broke now I became a boss
My n***as hard the opposite of soft
I got me a Glock I might just shoot the law

( Duke : )
Pay for the sh*t and don't look at the cost
I used to be broke and now I'm a young boss
Talkin sh*t I’m in yo mouth like some floss
Diana bad b*t*h look like Diana Ross
My n***as ain’t soft and I'm high as a loft
(?) can see in no high but I’m talkin
Christian my louboutins while I be walking
Put yo head up for an option
Whipping up baby's a doctor
All the bad b*t*hes be flockin
Sellin our shows and we rock em
pu**y ass n***a just block em
We out in public and blowin we spot em and pop em
Boy you might need you a doctor
No limit soldiers all my n***as bout it
We do not fold cuz all my n***as solid

(Hook : duke)

(Hook: gunna)

( Gunna: )
All of my n***as rock solid
n***as ain't worried they ain't bout it
Mafia Tussa Boran Gotti
Went outside wit a stick and caught a body
Caught the AP apologize I’m sorry
I remember I used to rock bugari
b*t*h I came from the bottom bottom bottom
I got n***as that never seen a rari
I went broke from a little to a lotta
What you need (?)
I went straight up my mane I skipped the robins
Gunna gunna can't front b*t*h I cannot pop it
That lil baby boy soft boy he need to stop it
Got yo b*t*h in the room givin sloppy toppy
It ain't left click the drip n***a tryna copy
Don't let me slip out where that pocket rocket

(Hook : duke)


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