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"Ran Up"

[Verse: Lil Baby]
I get, I get money all the time (Time)
Patek and a Cuban, put it on, it's water time
I got foreign b*tches tryna stroke on the line (On the line)
One says she gon’ suck me loose, the other one'll end up spyin'
Goddamn, she fine (damn, she fine)
Read between the lines of what I’m tellin' you (Tellin' you)
I've been tryna... run up on all these revenue
Had to see my dawg's face on the news
Ain't been home, but a cool two
And still ran up my mills
Still got a deal, yeah
Still keep them hunnas in a f*ckin' vacuum seal, yeah
It's so crazy how these n*ggas want my spot (Want my spot)
It’s so crazy that that b*tch actin’ like a thot (Yeah)
She wanna drain me and take everything I got (I got)
Know it hurt they stomach when they see me at the lot
But I ain't worryin’ about them n*ggas
I'm just comin' for the top, yeah
They on my jock, and they watch it and they copy it

[Outro: Gunna]
All the time (All the time)
A-a-all the time
All the time

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