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"4 Degrees*"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Verse 1: Gunna]
-gotta resign
Plaques in my crib like a gallery (Slatt)
Doggin' these hoes, I eat Pedigree (Ah)
My necklace lookin' in four degrees
My new [?] weigh a whole thing (Ah)
And my necklace lookin' in four degrees (Four)
Got gold on, look like a trophy
And my bracelet get caught in my damn sleep (Damn sleep)
Rick Owens, these are no AMIRI's (Nah)
Just to book me might cost you a large fee
[?] while I go pop a plan B (Yeah)
Broke the curse and put M's in my family

[Verse 2: Unknown]
b*tch, I'm a big star (Yeah)
.30 loaded, I'ma kick rocks (Yeah)
[?] my diamonds, my wristwatch (Yeah)
I might pull on 'em with twin rods, oh yeah-

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