"Four Degrees*"

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[Verse 1: Gunna]
-gotta resign
Plaques in my crib like a gallery (Slatt)
Doggin' these hoes, I eat Pedigree (Ah)
My necklace lookin' in four degrees
My new cuban links weigh a whole thing (Ah)
And my necklace lookin' in four degrees (Four)
Sky-dweller look like a trophy
And my braces get caught in my damn sleep (Damn sleep)
Rick Owens, these ain't no damn Amiris (Nah)
Just to book me might cost you a Lamb' fee
[?], tell her go pop a plan B (Yeah)
Broke the curse and put M's in my family (Yeah)
I'm back in it (Back in it)
Me and Young Nechie is back in it (Back in it)
Straight off the beat, Gunna rappin' it (Rappin' it)
Used to have bands and they cappin' it (Yeah)
Stars in the ceiling, they galaxy (Stars)
b*t*hes with different nationalities (Woah)
You f**k n***as cause a [?]
Shoot him up, leave his body on [?] (Huh)
Was a lil' tyke, just was born in Atlanta
Got me some stripes like a referee
I was still holdin' on but they thought I was off
When I took that lil' loss, they weren't there for me (Weren't there for me)
I bossed up myself and I bossed up my n***as (Boss)
Now look at they ice (Ice), it got clarity (Ice)
I was broke as a b*t*h but I went and got rich (Yeah, yeah)
Now my kids gon' have Ms, they inherit it (Inherit it)
Finesse (Finesse), ain't breaking no sweat
I went got a check and I married it
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